Gabriela Kostovska Bogoeska

executive director
Youth Entrepreneurial Service Foundation

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday15:30 - 17:00
DescriptionEstablished in 2005 in Skopje, YES aims to accelerate the growth and success of innovative start-up companies through various set of services and programmes. The organization operates the biggest ICT business incubator in the country and since 2007 has supported more than 90 start-up companies by providing subsidized physical space, advice and support for business innovation and international growth in order to help companies survive the first critical years of their establishment. In this regard, YES offers relevant support to companies concerning finance and funding, intellectual property, legislation, standards and certification, access to international markets, business development, networking with domestic and international companies etc. We work with industry, government and academia to foster collaboration between the start-up community and relevant key stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem.
Organization Type business support organizations,
CitySkopje, 16ta Makedonska Brigada Google map
Areas of Activities


    creative industries and women’s entrepreneurship


      Softlanding services

      For companies interested in opening their own branch in Macedonia, YES offers a softlanding programme i.e. provides services including office space and similar for facilitating market entry.

      Cooperation Offered
      1. Other

      Collaboration on entrepreneurship and innovation support projects

      YES has extensive experience in managing/participating in EU funded projects on the topics of women and youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial learning and regional development. Offers its expertise in the field, looking for new collaborates.