Sanja Popovic Pantic

scientific associate
Mihajlo Pupin Institute

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday15:30 - 17:00
DescriptionThe Science and Technology Policy Research Centre (STPRC) was founded at the “Mihailo Pupin” Institute in 1987 as a response to the awareness that a better understanding of the importance of science and technology for overall development is essential for a successful work in new technologies. Science and Technology Policy Research Center is included in the Enterprise Europe Network project since 2009. As a partner in consortia EEN Serbia. It is specialized in innovation management in SMEs and therefore, it used to be coordinator of the SGA H2020 in Serbia. As a provider of the enhancement innovation management capacity services, STPRC is specialized to provide first class innovation and business support to small and medium sized companies mostly through the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) activities , but also through other projects in different sectors like in agriculture and woman’s entrepreneurship. In the field of woman’s entrepreneurship, STPRC has references in analysis and research about position of women in science and entrepreneurship/economy, organization of B2B for women in science and/or entreprenurship, collection of the local,regional and international best practices, development and collection of tools to empower women in science and economy, training of SME’s in innovation and mentoring of SMEs in their internationalization and better access to supply chains.
Organization Type institutes
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CityBelgrade, Volgina 15 Google map
Areas of Activities

creative industries and women’s entrepreneurship


    Cooperation in development of joint R&D projects in the innovation support to the entrepreneurship

    we are interested to develop joint projects with the similar R&D institutions, business support organizations (chamber of commerce, agencies etc) regarding the enhancement of innovation among women's and youth enterprises

    Cooperation Offered
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